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Nicholas had just one daughter, who sadly died before him in 1746.

John Nicholas Fazakerley (1787-1852) was the MP for Great Grimsby in 1818, for Lincoln in 1826, and for Peterborough from 1830 to 1841.

In May 1822 Nicholas married the Hon. Eleanor Montagu, daughter of Matthew, late Lord Rokeby.

John lived in Burwood Park, in Surrey,

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and purchased the estates of East and West Stoodley, Devon in 1819.

His portrait is currently located in the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Unfortunately, the gallery will not allow a copy of the portrait to be displayed here.

Thomas Fazakerley Thomas appears to have been the principle bookbinder, but it was a family business, so a number of other Fazakerley's were involved. Bookbinder of Hanover Street and School Lane, Liverpool.

The Book of the Thames 1910

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