The Famous

Thomas de Fazakerleigh His son, Robert, is mentioned in The Infamous chapter of this book under the heading "In Warlike Array" became the Coroner for the county of Lancaster in 1379.

John Fazakerley became Governor of the Isle of Man 1418 to 1422 There is some confusion over the date. One document points to 1518, although two others point to 1418. The Isle of Man lies 80 miles north-west of Liverpool in the Irish Sea..

John de Fazakerley became Mayor of Liverpool in 1428.

Nicholas Fazakerley was reckoned amongst the gentry of "The West Derby Hundred" in 1512.

Roger Fazakerley became Mayor of Liverpool in 1530.

William Fazakerley of Kirkby died in 1600 and was buried at St Mary's,  Walton. Today, his grave is the oldest surviving grave

in Walton.

Hugh de Fazakerley accompanied the Duke of Lancaster to Brittany in 1356/9.

Catherine Fazakerley became a Benedictine nun at Cambrai in 1662.

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Samual Fazakerley was Town Clerk of Liverpool in 1664~1668.

Captain Fazakerley of Walton was Governor of Liverpool Castle in 1668.

Liverpool Castle
Watercolour by H.Magenis 1682

Nicholas Fazakerley was born in Prescot in 1682, died 1767 and is famous for three reasons. Firstly, he was the Member of Parliament for Preston in the years 1732-1767,  secondly his will gave rise to the "Myth of the Fazackerley Millions" Details in The Infamous section of this site. and thirdly, he is the oldest member of the family with a surviving portrait.

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