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Myth of the Fazackerley millions

Riddle of the Fazackerley will

Talked of £72m over meat pie lunch

The estate which vanished

Chetham Society, Pedigree and Heraldry. Published by the Harlean Society. Description of the modern Fazakerley de Fazakerley arms and the Fazakerley de Kirkby arms and pedigree given during the 1664/5 visitations of Lancashire by Sir William Dugdale contained in the Chetham Society volume 85 1872/3. Also pedigree description at the visitation of  Lancashire by Richard St George in 1613. Chetham Society vol 82, 1871. 

Full set for Lancashire, which may include further references:

Visitation of 1664/5 vol 84,85,88 ~ 1872/3

Visitation of 1533 vol. 98,110 ~ 1876-82

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Visitation of 1567 vol. 81 ~ 1870

Pictorial Relics of Ancient Liverpool, is a two volume reference that contains pictures of Spellow House and Spellow Mill. There is only one copy, in the Liverpool Reference Library, so you have to go there to have a look. 

An Index of the Names of the Royalists Whose Estates were Confiscated During the Commonwealth , compiled by Mabel G.W. Peacock London, Longmans Green & Co. 39 Paternoster Row Hertford: Printed by Stevin Austin & Sons Published in 1878

Portrait of Nicholas Fazakerley is vailable here in a zipped high quality jpeg with a resolution of 1800x3000. The file is about 1.5Mb but produces an excellent colour printout. Click on the link below to download the file.

Download the Nicholas Fazakerley Portrait

The College of Arms detailed investigation in to the Coats of Arms and Pedigrees of the

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