The Harleian Manuscripts are the principle references for all historical documentation on the Fazackerley's. All 7000 volumes are stored  in the British Library. In particular, volumes 1437, 1549, 2042, 2085 and 6159 contain considerable information on the families, although it is certain that other volumes will contain as yet undiscovered information. The volumes contain original documents. A link to the British Library is provided in the Links page of this site, but the texts are not available electronically. They may  examined provided you obtain a Library Readers Pass.

The Lost Villages of Liverpool by Derek Whale.  Three volumes published by Stephenson & Sons Ltd. Generally  available to order through a good book shop. They gives a broad history of the area although only briefly mentions Fazakerley.

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Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 3, The West Derby Hundred. Although only three pages, they are packed with fascinating information about the town and family.

Liverpool's hidden story is no longer in print, but you might be able to find a copy at your library.

The Lancashire Evening Pos on the 23rd, 24th, , 25th and 29th of  October 1951, for the story of Nicholas Fazakerley and the "Myth of Fazakerley millions". Copies are held in the British Library and can be requested by email from the newspapers section, at a small duplication cost. A link to the British Library is provided in the Links page of this site. Alternately, zip files of the articles can be downloaded from here.  Be warned that the articles are very large, an average of 500 K.B each. They are large, but they

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