Jun 06 I have been continuing the update of the site, and have added many small changes and snippets of information. I was particularly interested to find a portrait of a famous Fazakerley in the National Portrait Galley, and, frankly, utterly disgusted when the gallery told me that I would have to purchase rights to the sketch to be able to display it. This site is purely educational and makes no money at all. It does not have a budget to allocate! So, my response, as you can imagine, was very short and no so very sweet.

May 06 Well, here is the new format for the site! It has taken a couple of weeks to re-organise the site as a book. It's been three years since I last did anything to the site, so it's long overdue.

In the process of updating the maps,  I found another windmill in the area of Spellow House, so, the once certain location of the mill is now in doubt.

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