but tragically, the staircase has gone. It seems that in a recent renovation it's importance was not recognized and it was consigned to the dump A even bigger shame when you consider that it was at least four hundred years old and probably worth a small fortune.. So, of Spellow House, like so many other Fazakerley properties, there is nothing left.

Clock House was demolished sometime around 1970 to make way for a sewage works.

Clock House 1891

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Fazakerley House was not really a Fazakerley family property, since the main line of the family died out before it was built. It was a large, three storey, stone farmhouse, built in 1749, probably by Jon  Hawarden or his son Samuel. The property had been demolished by 1906 and a housing estate constructed on the land. One of the new roads in the estate, which was party the original road to the house, was named Fazakerley Road.

Fazakerley House 1850

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