Fazakerley Hall was located to the east of Lower Lane, the opposite side to the Hospital, in the vicinity of the road now called Blueberry Fields.

The map below was printed in 1927 and shows the hall built in 1823 and outbuildings.

Fazakerley Hall 1927

The hall was the building closest to the road. It is possible that one of the buildings was an earlier hall, kept as an outbuilding.

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Fazakerley Hall Housing Estate was built close to the hall in 1830, and eventually expanded to completely cover the site.

Spellow House is shown in the map below, ten years before it was demolished.

Spellow House 1850

When the property was demolished, a public house was built and given the name Spellow House Hotel. It was built some distance away from the location of the original house and has no connection other than by name. The only remaining artefact from Spellow House was a spiral staircase, described as "richly carved", that was  used in the construction of the public house. The public house still exists in Goodison Avenue at the end of Spellow Lane, and is now called The Spellow.

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