Fazackerley Hall Housing Estate on the land. A few years later, the hall was demolished and the site became a park until around 1990.

Isaac Atherton, Fazakerley Hall 1910

Spellow House

In 1426, at the same time that the arms were quartered, the Fazakerley family was awarded one third of the Walton Manor, due to the marriage of Robert Fazakerley to Ellen (Hellin) de Walton, daughter and heiress of Robert de Walton of Walton, This included 40 acres of land in Walton and

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Liverpool The land in Liverpool is today commemorated by Fazakerley Street and Spellow Place. , that had once belonged to a Thomas Spellow. In particular, the land included Spellow House and Spellow Mill.

Spellow House was close to the modern Spellow Lane The lane seems to mark an old border between Walton and Kirkdale.. The original Spellow House was built in the about 1270. The property  consisted of the main house with a number of large outbuildings and a chapel. It also had numerous hiding places, for priests to hide in during the religious troubles of the 17th century.

Spellow House

Spellow House was mortgaged in 1723 by Robert Fazakerley for £800, a  considerable sum of money at the time, to a Mary Richmond, but subsequently sold by Robert a

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