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Fazakerley is a strip of land adjoining Walton in England. It appears to have been a small clearing in a forest. As the clearing enlarged, so the hamlet and eventually the township of Fazakerley came about.

The first mention of the family is in the Assize Rolls of the County of Lancaster concerning a Henry de Fasackerlegh that "recovered possession of half a messuage, a horse mill, and 15 acres of land" in Walton in 1276.  One of his sons, Robert de Fazackerleigh, was Lord of the manor for the next forty years. 

In 1321, the first mention of the present town, Fazakerley amounted to 1709 acres. It was separated from Walton by a brook, called Fazakerley or more recently Tue Brook, and from West Derby partly by Sugar Brook up to Stone bridge. "The country is extremely flat and treeless, with nothing to recommend it to the passer-by, for it seems to be a district of straight lines, devoid of any beauty".

The family lived in Fazakerley Hall. As the family expanded they purchased or built other properties

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family expanded they purchased or built other properties around Fazakerley and the county of Lancaster. These included Fazakerley House, Spellow House, Spellow Mill, Clock House and Stock Cottage. There were more located in Liverpool, Fazakerley, Kirkby, Walton , Bedford, West Derby, Pemberton, and Wigan.

Unfortunately, in the mid seventeenth century, at the time of the English Civil War, the family were both Catholic and Royalist. This placed them firmly on the losing side and cost them dearly. The head of the family and his son were both killed in the war. To make matters worse, when the war was over, the family had all it's land and properties confiscated to pay for damages caused by the war. Although the family did regain most of the properties and lands, the decline continued until the main family line died with one Robert Fazakerley. Robert sold a significant part of the estate, and in his Will, dated 1731, he left all remaining land and property to a John Hawarden, provided  that John changed his

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