distant relative, Henry Hawarden Gillibrand The Gillibrands originate from Chorley, which explains the connection between the town and the Fazakerley name. In Chorley, Fazakerley Street is very close to Gillibrand Street. born in 1808. Although the connection to the Fazakerley family was at best "obscure", Royal licence was obtained for Henry to take the name Fazakerley and bear Arms of Fazakerley and Gillibrand quarterly. The resulting Arms were first and fourth, ermine three bars very,canton gules, second and third, argent two swords in saltire points upwards sable pommels and hilts or.

Fazakerley de Fazakerley

In 1830, a Royal Licence was granted for Henry Gillibrand's younger brother Thomas Hawarden Gillibrand to take the name Fazakerley and bear Arms the same as his

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brother but with canton azure instead of canton gules.

Fazakerley de Fazakerley

The College of Arms has no record of any crests or mottos for any of the Fazakerley Arms.

The information in this chapter was prepared from recent research carried out by the College of Arms. The research was carried out because of apparent inaccuracies and inconsistencies in commonly available publications that mention the Fazakerley Arms. A copy of the report from the College of Arms is available in the reference section.

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