established in nearby Kirkby, Fazakerley of Kirkby, registered Arms of ermine, three bars vert, canton gules.

Fazakerley de Kirkby

The Arms were first recorded in the 1664/5 Visitation. The canton gules or red square means that there was no male descendant at the time of the Visitation.

During the Visitation, an extremely unusual event occurred. A second individual of the same Fazakerley family, resident in Kirkby, recorded a Coat of Arms that was completely different. This is most unusual. Typically the Arms would be very similar. To further deepen the mystery, although the second arms

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were recorded in the Visitation, they were not entered into the College of Arms registry until 1720. There must have been some very unusual circumstances that led to this delay. Unfortunately the reasons have been lost in time and the situation will probably never be fully understood.

The second Coat of Arms registered was gules three men's heads couped at the neck proper, their hair russet, each wearing a cap argent.

Fazakerley de Kirkby

After the main line of the family died out with Robert Fazakerley in 1731, the estate went to his daughters son, John Harwarden. John's son, Samuel Harwaden left the estate to a

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