Buried Treasure

There is a rumour of a lost family treasure. When and where the rumour started, I have no idea, but I heard tell that there was a fortune in silver and gold coin buried somewhere on Fazakerley land.

Actually, at the risk of starting a plague of folk with metal detectors and spades creeping around the family heritage, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the family may 

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have hidden some of it's assets at the time of the civil war in around 1642. The family knew trouble was on the way. It is easy to understand why Nicholas or Robert would bury the family cash. Both of them died in the war, which would have left no one with any clue where the money had been buried.. hmm!

If you did find anything, then perhaps it would be a bag containing silver shillings, like the one pictured here. Minted around the time of the civil war, and depicting the King the family defended ( Charles the first ), today this one coin is worth a small fortune. Just imagine, finding an entire bag! Think it is an unlikely find? Well, just such a bag was found by workmen digging in the  the grounds of Walton Hall, a few miles away from Fazakerley Hall.

One item of treasure that the family did own was "a large silver chalice to be seen in Fazackerley Hall Chapel". This was recorded in 1716.

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