Appendix H

Richard Farsacharley / Fizacarly,

Moved to Kenyon, he was a sidesman ,Winwick 1716. A weaver by 1723.

Baptised: 29 Oct 1676, Culcheth.
Wife: Elizabeth Dawson of Croft. Married  18th Dec 1707 Dec in the parish of Winwick
Children: James born 25 Sept 1711, baptised Oct 5 1711
  John born 30th Aug 1714 , married Ann Woodcock of Culcheth, 1743 at Winwick, this John was probably the John Faz on the the map of 1749 at Twiss Green
  Richard born 27th Nov 1717, baptised at Culcheth, who married Mary Spokeman Winwick 1747, they had a son Richard 1755
  Ellen born 10 Jan 1720/1
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  Elizabeth born 26 sep 1708, who married William Occleston 1727
Will: Richard Fazakerley, Weaver, of Culcheth; Admin. 1723. Elizabeth Fazakerley, Widow of Richard Fazakerley, Administrator. Inventory, January 23, 1723/1724 valued by John Spakman & Henery Unsworth; amount of value: a little over 111 pounds