Appendix B

Douglas James Fazackerley MSc

A Master of Science in Chemistry, Douglas fought in both world wars, achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel. In civilian life he was a research chemist and later chemistry teacher. In 1930 he was living at 83 Aigburth Rd., Lark Lane, Liverpool. Later in life moving to 11 The Vineries, Menlove Avenue, Liverpool.

Douglas James Fazackerley

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Born: 13th March, 1894 Liverpool
Wife: Lilian Marguerita Legge.Born 8th April, 1900. Married St Charles, Toxteth, August 1922. Buried in Bristol.
Children: Stuart Philip Clarke born 3rd November 1923.
Died: 1969 buried in Bristol.

Douglas James Fazackerley and Lilian Marguerita Legge