James Fazacherly

Born in Kenyon, Culcheth, 1711. Married Ann Littleworth, in Culcheth in 1742.

Richard Farsacharley / Fizacarly

Born in Culcheth 1676. Moved to Kenyon and married Elizabeth Dawson of Croft in the parish of Winwick in 1707. A sidesman at Winwick 1716.

James Fizacarley / Fizacarly / Phizacarley

Born.?? Wife Ellen. Possibly who signed the association oath rolls in 1696? Father possibly Edward?


And so ends the trail.

The earliest record of a Fazakerley in the parish was one James Fazakerley who was baptised in St Oswald's on Jan 25th, 1590. The individual was possibly an ancestor of mine, but so far, I have been unable to find the link  with James Fizacarley. The fact that they both have the same name is some indication that they are closely related.


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Interestingly, James Fazakerley is written in the Parish records using the same spelling as the main line and the and town.   This is a fairly good indication that the father was well educated and knew how to spell his own name, since most of the priests at the time didn't have a clue. This places James's father close to a more significant branch of the family, which is important, because such a branch is more likely to be documented. If I could find that link, it may then be easy to trace the line back much further than at present.  There is a problem though; unless James's father came from outside the Winwick parish, then he may be untraceable, because the Winwick parish records do not show any entries for the first sixty years after the church was renovated, in 1530. Events leading up to 1590 will probably forever remain a mystery. There is some hope, because it is very possible that that the newly renovated church attracted James's father to Winwick from another parish. In other words, he was not baptised or married in Winwick but in some other parish that was keeping records at the time. Of course finding that other parish may not be easy!



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